Eagles Fans Invaded And Took Over Stubhub Center In Los Angeles AKA Lincoln Financial West

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It was technically a road game for the Eagles on Sunday, but it sure didn’t feel or sound like one. The Eagles traveled to Los Angeles to face the LA Chargers at the StubHub Center, the LA Galaxy’s home arena in Carson, California which seats 27,000. The Eagles fans took over the game, helping the Birds to a 26-24 victory in LA. At one point in the game, Chargers fans tried to start a “Let’s Go Chargers” chant. It quickly turned into a “Let’s Go Eagles” chant. “Nauseating,’’ a Chargers fans told USA TODAY Sports when asked about the stadium experience. “Everybody knows we’re not wanted here. L.A. doesn’t want the Chargers.’’

First off, obviously there’s a lot of shit going down in the world right now.
It’s sad, and stuff like football should never take precedent. But if people find the game and everything comes with it as a worthwhile distraction from real life, that’s fine. So lettuce all start off our Monday morning with a delightful Dallas Sucks chant held by Eagles fans who took cucked another team’s home game:

Glorious. Other than that, there was obviously a sea of green at the StubHub Center yesterday.

And I’d love to give Eagles fans 100% of the credit, but I gotta throw some props to the Chargers faithful who haven’t shown up to the games, too. This isn’t the new LAC’s first rodeo of being cucked at their own stadium, as evidence of freaking Dolphins fans (there are Dolphins fans?) taking the place by storm:


It got to the point where the celebration for the missed Chargers game winning FG was so loud the people in charge of the cannon thought it was good. It was THAT bad.

0-4 and there’s already talks about skipping town. RIPIP the Los Angeles Chargers. Maybe relocate and field a team with Phillip Rivers’ plentiful seed.