Guy Gets Stuck On Telephone Wires 19 Stories Up Trying To Skip Out On Hotel Bill

Times Live- How big would your bill have to be to make you try to escape your hotel room via a telephone wire – 19 stories up? According to the People’s Daily the man got stuck mid-air after trying to skip his hotel bill by using telecom wires to cross from the hotel to another tall building in Panzhou, southwest China’s Guizhou. Shocked onlookers caught it all on camera as the man swings precariously in the sky between the two buildings. He was eventually rescued by firefighters.


I could be wrong, and they might (probably) do things differently over in China, but this isn’t how you avoid a hotel bill. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. They have your card buddy. There is no escaping it. All the greasy greasy room service food and dirty dirty porn this guy presumably bought is gonna be charged to his card whether he likes it or not. His wife is gonna see that hotel bill and file for divorce. The wheels are already in motion. The dye has been cast. Trying to escape via telephone wires is only going to draw attention to the situation which it clearly did.

This leads me to my next point. Anyone who checks out of their hotel is a pawn and a loser and no friend of mine. Imagine being such a square that you check outta your hotel. Imagine that. Stopping and being like, “Hey I’m leaving”? It’s unthinkable. I blow right by the desk like a boss on my check out day. I don’t even give the person behind the desk a glance. I walk away from a hotel I’m checking out of like an action star walks away from a building explosion. Cool, calm, collected and a total badass. I’m the king of Irish Goodbye-ing from the bar and it’s no different when I check out of a hotel. No goodbye, no see you later, no nothin’.