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If You Could Pick One Person To Represent Human Race In Negotiations With Aliens Who Would You Choose?



So this question came up in KFC Radio yesterday, Alien mothership lands on earth and asks for one person and one person only to go and meet them, who do you send? Now some people may say send the smartest guy, Stephen Hawking, or the toughest, Steven Seagal, or the best looking, Nic Cage, but really you need someone who encompasses all of those traits and then some. So my pick? A one Vincent Kennedy McMahon.






Brains, check. Good looking, double check. Strength, check times infinity. Master negotiator/manipulator, check times infinity plus 1. Now I know we tend to hyperbolize on Barstool from time to time but I am being 100% honest when I say if there was a hostile negotiation with an alien race going on I would feel supremely confident if Vince McMahon was the one doing the talking.  He has it all, the total package. Give him an hour with the aliens and he’ll have them turned inside out. I’m absolutely sure of it.




Leave your picks in the comment section. My runner up pick is Mark Cuban, if you’ve ever seen him on Shark Tank you would know why. No one negotiates like Cuban.