Jordan Spieth Singing, "Siiiiiii Woo Shakin' That Ass, Shakin' That Ass" Is Laugh Out Loud Funny

I don’t know the full context of why Jordan Spieth was singing, “Siiiiiii Woo shakin’ that ass, shakin’ that ass” but I love it. I think the reporter asked them a question about what their favorite song they heard from the gallery was or something. I do know this though, the European and International squads better watch the fuck out for the next 2+ decades at team events. These American guys (buy a shirt) LOVE each other. They’re buds. They’re bros. That stuff translates to success in events like the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup (truckloads of talent helps, too). They’ve got Spieth singing remixed songs and a presumably-hammered Dustin Johnson standing on chairs shaking his ass. It’s awesome.

There’s team chemistry and there’s what these American guys have going on. People wanna give Tiger credit for teaching this generation how to win without fear. People wanna give credit to Phil for taking this generation under his wing and making it feel like a big happy family. Whatever it is, it’s working. Get us to France already. #USA