Last Night In The NBA: The Milo Teodosic Era Has Begun

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Hello there! Welcome to Last Night In The NBA where you can find a quick and easy breakdown of everything you may have missed last night in the league. There were two more preseason games yesterday, first Heat vs Hawks followed by LA Clippers vs Raptors, both of which were rather exciting. Well, as exciting as meaningless practice basketball can get. Here’s what you missed!

Heat 96 Hawks 90

We obviously are starting with the newest member of the Miami Heat, a player I’m sure has no problems with their ridiculous conditioning regiment, Kelly Olynyk! Yesterday was his Heat debut and god dammit it was the most classic Kelly Olynyk performance of all time

that was the full Olynyk arsenal right there. Not shown, his 5 awkward turnovers.

Most of the Heat’s best players were relatively quiet, though there was this nice pass from Dragic

but this game for MIA was more about their second unit. The Hawks had a very hard time stopping Tyler Johnson (14 points on 6-8) and Josh Richardson. Potential big year for Richardson on the horizon after a promising year last year? You be the judge

This was also the first basketball Justice Winslow played since like December, and he had 6/8 with 3 blocks in 23 minutes reassuring the MIA front office that he’s in fact ready to roll.

For ATL, two things stood out to me. Dewayne Dedmond from SA fame, is still pretty good despite not having the SA cloak still on him.

Not to mention rookie John Collins did more of his thing where he just dunks outrageously hard. This kid can fly


He finished with 9/15 in just 20 minutes. Does all this mean the Hawks won’t be really shitty? No, but who among us won’t love the blow out dunks Collins is about to have.

Raptors 121 Clippers 113

In typical Doc Rivers fashion, he played his starters a bit too much in their first taste of preseason action, and he didn’t even win! And you know what? I think I can get down with this new and improved LAC frontcourt.


Big time performances from everyone involved. Blake had 18 on 6-10, Gallo had 17, and Jordan 6/9 (nice). I have no idea if this trio can stay healthy, probably not, but if this is how they look when healthy, it’s almost worth forgetting that they’ll still lose early in the playoffs most likely.

However, the story of the night goes to the best passer in LA. Not Lonzo, Milo

If you enjoy the art of passing and don’t know much about this dude yet, I’m ready to say he’s going to become one of your favorite players. This dude has elite level passing like you read about, and if not for nepotism should probably be the starting point guard in LA. It’s my prediction that by like January not one Clipper fan even remembers Chris Paul.

For the Raptors, while they may have lost prized Lebron stopper PJ Tucker, this is the first full season for guy who is going to get them over the hump even though he’s like 50 Serge Ibaka. Yeah he may have gone 4-12 (1-9) but don’t let that distract you from anything. Much like the Clippers, the majority of the Raptors production came from the starters, only Casey isn’t a moron coach and actually limited their minutes.

Biggest takeaway for me was that same Kyle Lowry that we saw dominate the Africa Game showed up in this game and looks ready for the season. Regular season baller for sure. DeRozen missed both his 3PA which isn’t really a shock, and it’s still so clear these two are what make this offense/team go.

Also not to be ignored is the big man Valanciunas and his 10/10 in 20 minutes. People say players like him are going extinct, which isn’t great news because he has 3/$50M left on his current deal.

Oh, and I see you Norman Powell, even if I was only one who actually was still watching


While it’s just preseason, I am all for the Raptors giving up 113 points a game.

And that pretty much covers everything you may have missed last night in the NBA. There are seven more games tonight as we get closer to the regular season by the goddamn day. I’m busting Jerry, busting!!