Pablo Sandoval Hit A Walk-Off Home Run For The Giants That Cost Them The No. 1 Overall Pick

San Diego Padres v San Francisco Giants

WHAT AN IDIOT! WHAT A FUCKING IDIOT! Even when this guy wins, he still loses. What a bum! After signing with the Red Sox for five years and $95 million dollars, he has the worst statistical season of his career in year-one, rips his belt in half with his stomach in year-two before missing the entire season with an injury, comes back in year-three and sucks so bad that the Red Sox decided it would make more sense to just pay him $50 million to leave them alone.

After getting released, he crawled back to the Giants where he said his heart was the entire time that he was in Boston even though he ripped them after signing with the Red Sox, performs just as shitty in his return with the Giants as he did in Boston, and then poetically goes out and hits a walk-off home run on the final day of the season that costs the rebuilding Giants the number one overall pick in the draft next year. Absolutely incredible.

With the Giants winning today and the Tigers losing, those two teams will finish tied for the worst record in the majors at 64-98, but Detroit holds the tiebreaker. Fucking Pablo Sandoval, man. Guy can’t do anything right.