MMA Fighter Successfully Uses The Walls Of Jericho And Taps Opponent Out With It

I fucking told you guys wrestling was real! I told you all along! This has GOT to be the submission of the year. The Boston Crab (more commonly referred to as Walls of Jericho nowadays) is no joke, and most wrestling submissions are the same way…they’re just very hard to apply in a real fight. The “Sleeper Hold” is a rear naked choke, though, and that obviously happens extremely often, but the rare OTHER wrestling moves are just so amazing. Take this crossface from April that looks like the Garga-No Escape, for example.

So great. So awesome. I wanna see a Sharpshooter next.

P.S. I love how badly this guy wanted the Walls. He reached for it a solid ten seconds before he actually gets in, and could’ve rearranged his body positioning for an easy ground and pound stoppage in between that time and the re-application, but didn’t. He NEEDED that Walls.