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The Weekend Greenie Bag - How Much Are The Celtics Really Relying On Jayson Tatum?


Hello and welcome back to another edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag. With a little time to go until the real games start, let’s check in with the people. Maybe you’re still in bed and on the toilet and feel like death, well that’s what we’re here for. This week, with the season rapidly approaching, stoolies are starting to ramp up their takes which I certainly appreciate. If you’d like to be part of the fun just hit up or tweet something with #GreenieBag. Anything and everything, we accept it all.

Now, your questions

Sean I feel like I should give you a real answer. Not some outrageous take filled with hyperbole. How much is this team relying on valuable minutes from Jayson Tatum?

What if I told you the entire weight of the second unit offense depends on him. Gone are shooters Olynyk and Gerald Green and Jonas Jerebko. This second unit will include two offense limited guards in Smart and Rozier, a non offensive option in Baynes, probably an overseas player as the PF, and Tatum. Where exactly are those points coming from if not for Tatum and his sweet stroke? That is my fear. 2-12 FGA stretches are my nightmare.

More exciting 3.. KD, Russ, Harden or Russ, Mello, PG. I understand Harden wasn’t the Harden he is today but could that be because he wasn’t given the ball like he is in Houston. If he was, would he have been a star in OKC? – Joey

I don’t think this is really a debate, the answer is KD/Russ/Harden. The success of those high lottery picks are what Ainge probably jerks off to. While he’s been snubbed, this was essentially three separate MVP caliber players. All what, Top 6-8ish in the entire league? Poor Seattle.

Now do I think that if Harden had stayed in OKC he’d have the numbers he does not? Probably not, he wouldn’t have the usage or the FGA. But that’s not to say he wouldn’t be this good from a development standpoint. Granted, I am a Harden #stan based on our time at ASU together, so I’m of the camp that he was going to be a star no matter where he played. While in OKC, not only did Harden increase his scoring average every year, but his FG% and assist numbers as well. He was going to break out regardless, OKC just happened to choose Ibaka. Dummies.

Idk what it is but I want part! – Keyan

Welcome Keyan! This is a weekly basketball mailbag that more often than not is Celtics related even though the entire NBA is open for discussion. It’s often pretty long, so long that maybe 7% of people make it all the way through, but that’s OK. Essentially the way it works is the second you have any sort of basketball related thought, I want to hear it. Nothing is to outrageous.

Everybody say hello to our newest member Keyan

Trick question. I don’t think a single player on this roster has been slept on. So far this offseason we have heard: Tatum is Pierce, Rozier and Smart are ready to break out, Baynes is perhaps the best rebounder in the NBA, Nader is a sneaky solid scorer, Theis and Yabu are going to solve our rebounding problems, and Semi is the one true Lebron stopper aka the prototypical 3 and D player.

Oh and Brad even had love for Shane Larkin, so I think it’s impossible to be sleeping on any of em.

So D-Wade just signed with the Cavs, 2.3m for the 2017-2018 season. Obviously this is a big bargain for that sack of garbage Dan Gilbert. Dwyane might be getting older and his knees may be held together only but duct tape, he still balls the hell out, especially with Lebron, not to mention KLove and JR.

As a lifetime Celtics fan, I’m as eager as the next guy to get banner number 18 up in the rafters, but I gotta be honest…..the Celtics have no chance of beating Cleveland in a 7 game series with that Cavs roster.

If you were GM, would you cash in all our trade chips (one of either jay, smart and picks) for a guy like Anthony Davis or Demarcus Cousins? Assuming they sign extensions of course. A lineup of Kyrie, Jaylen/Jayson,Hayward, Big Al and Anthony Davis at center, with Brad Stevens running shit, could easily be the best lineup in the east, if not the entire NBA.

Thanks for doing what you do, love your blogs -Mike from Portland

I’ve talked about this on a few other mailbags, but I am against emptying the treasure chest for Anthony Davis. First, let’s address your potential offer. There is no such thing as “one of” when discussing this trade. In my opinion, the Celtics made a choice. They chose to trade for Kyrie Irving over Anthony Davis. Because as it stands right now, I don’t think you have the draft pick capital to even pull it off, I don’t care what you say about that Memphis pick. You probably needed both BKN and LAL to even get NO to begin to listen to offers for AD, considering he has like 3-4 years left on his deal.

That’s why I’m more for just waiting it out. Sure 3 years might seem like a long time, but Jaylen will be what, 23? 24? Kyrie will be 28, and AD will be 28. Horford’s money will be off the books, so just spend the cash. I would rather add AD to a mature group of what we have now, than gut it.

For Boogie? No chance. I’m not giving up anything of value to sign him. And I’m a Boogie guy

Greenie, what are we putting the O/U on for Celtics wins? – Kevin

I’m sorry Kevin, you’re going to have to wait until the official Celtics 2017 NBA Season Preview before I reveal the official Greenie prediction on the Celts. As a reminder to those who may not know, I’ve actually undersold the Celts the last two years. Two years ago I had them pegged at 47 and last year 52. Always pretty close so I feel like there is a great deal of responsibility on my shoulders. Basically whatever conclusion I come to will dictate the entire year.

HOWEVAH, you can catch up on all the previous Season Previews until that comes out!






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And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks to those who wrote in, and remember we’re open 24 hours a day every day of the week so don’t be shy.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!