4-Year-Old Girl, Poisoned From Swimming In Poop-Contaminated Fountain, Is Doing Better

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NY Post- A little girl was poisoned after she fell into a town center’s fountain which was contaminated with human feces.

The four-year-old’s mom, Kimmi Foster, said her daughter developed a “104-degree temperature” after the incident in Kettering’s Market Place in Northants. Kettering is a town about 75 miles north of London.

The young girl was frolicking in the fountain on August 4 because the temperature was warm.

Kids reportedly take to the fountains during the summer months.

A council spokesman said the fountains are regularly cleaned and the systems are flushed “twice a month.”

But urging parents to make sure their children do not drink the water, the spokesman added: “The fountains in Kettering’s Market Place are provided as a water feature and children play in them during the Kettering by the Sea event.”

“By the very nature of the installation, this water is not, and cannot be expected to be, drinking water or to a drinking water standard.”

Scary story out of England. A 4-year-old girl developed a 104-degree fever as a result of a drinking some water in a fountain that happened to be contaminated with human shit. I’ll tell you what–if ever there was a good reason to stay home from school, it’s this. First, she’s pretty sick. And second, you don’t want to be the girl known for drinking diarrhea. That’s a buffet for bullies. Anytime she smiles, it’s an immediate “wipe that shit-eating grin off your face,” followed by raucous laughter and then nap time. Kids are so ruthless these days!

You’ll often see signs on public fountains that say “water not fit for drinking.” But when you’re 4, you think you’re invincible. If the city council wants to avoid lawsuits, they need to change that sign. It should read “don’t swim with your mouth open, because you’ll taste what the town had for dinner last night.” Or “don’t drink this water unless you like the taste of poop.” That message will cover your bases and protect you against potential lawsuits. If any child drinks the water after reading that sign–or even swims in that shit pool–it’s on them.

By the way, someone once told me that in Medieval times, people would drink wine instead of water because the water was so contaminated with shit. But I just googled that little factoid, and it turns out it’s bullshit. It’s a myth, like bigfoot, goldfish having 3-second memories, and STDs.

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