How About This Dad Shielding His Kids Eyes During Brookbank And MacLeod's Fight Last Night





First of all, yeah yeah yeah, I know the Avs beat us for the millionth times this year. Whatever, they have the Blackhawks number, shit happens. What was more embarassing for Colorado was the fact that 75% of the arena was Blackhawks fans. That’s not an exaggeration. When the Avs scored you could hear a pin drop.


Now as for this dad, I have no clue what he’s doing. I mean do you want your daughter to grow up to date hockey players or not? Part of that is the violence. You need to let the girl watch. Let her watch. Let her internalize it forever. Chicks dig the tough guys. Better this than some fancy boy blogger or something. Wake up.






In case you missed it. Kane had one of his sickest goals of the year. Little dangle, top shelf, celly. Just a little hockey talk for you there.