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Sometimes Don Cherry Has Some Thoughts On Things


Anti-Trigger Warning: In no way is this blog political. It does not take a stand on any side of any current issue aside from taking the side that I am so incredibly thankful to be living in a time when Don Cherry is on this planet. Thx u. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 6.44.38 AM

The moment I saw this tweet come across my timeline last night, I knew that we were in for a treat. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Any time you see a Don Cherry tweet end with a twitdoc.com link, you know it’s going to be something good. For those of you who aren’t as active on social media, twitdoc is pretty much nothing more than a real life version of Creed Thoughts. It’s basically just a Microsoft Word document that you can link to and I don’t think anybody else in the world besides Don Cherry actually uses it. So right off the bat, the lede of this story is tremendous. And when I finally worked up the courage to actually open it up, I was not let down. Not even one bit.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 8.56.28 PM

Like I said in the disclaimer above. We’re not talking politics here, people. Obviously Grapes doesn’t quite… fully understand what’s going on. This is purely a Don Cherry appreciation post. Because not one time during this entire debate have I ever seen anybody be able to make the connection between the current kneeling of the protests and Tebowing. Maybe PFT was able to sneak that in somewhere in a Pardon My Take episode and I just missed it. But I can assure you that even if somebody has made that connection before, this is a Don Cherry Original Thought. The man’s brain works in ways that normal humans just can’t understand. And I’m not naive. I know that there’s going to come a day when Don Cherry has to leave this world. Especially with the news of Hugh Hefner’s death today, it’s got me thinking about the time we finally have to say goodbye to Grapes. But when that time comes, I just hope we are able to put his brain on display in some sort of Museum of Hot Takery.

By the way, with Twitter moving toward 280 character limits, I really hope they keep Don Cherry at 140. For a couple of different reasons. 1) he’s too old to figure out if he’s one of the chosen people who can double his limit. And 2) because the moment he gets 280 characters, we lose the Twitdoc links, which I think add some extra heat to all of his takes. Would be a shame.