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How 'Bout This Field Goal Return From The Central Michigan Chippewas?

Somebody tweeted this at me, because after watching that Eagles field goal vs. the Giants yesterday, I was wondering if it’s legal for a player to goal tend a field goal. OBJ was standing back there and he’s like the most athletic human going these days. If he can dunk the ball in celebration, and that field goal was only a foot over the bar, and he can do this…

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 5.06.43 PM

… I wondered if he might have been allowed to jump up, one-hand that kick, and take it to the house. Woulda been dope.

Anyway, how about that runback? Haters will complain that it’s a cell phone tape of a play shot with a microwave, but I think that adds to the appeal. These grainy, Zapruder-film sports highlights from high school games usually mean something special is about it happen. I had low hopes when the kicker slipped during his kick, but that return was fantastic. Complete mayhem on the sideline. Right in front of the cheerleaders. Good for him, good for America.

And of course, the GOAT:

h/t Lukas