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So Now Authorities Are Saying The Plane Didn't Crash Where We Initially Thought And That It Was Last Seen On A Malaysian Military Radar Going In The Wrong Direction





(CNN) — Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was hundreds of miles off course, traveling in the opposite direction from its original destination and had stopped sending identifying transponder codes before it disappeared, a senior Malaysian Air Force official told CNN Tuesday. If correct, these are ominous signs that could call into question whether someone in the cockpit might have deliberately steered the plane away from its intended destination, a former U.S. aviation investigator said.

“This kind of deviation in course is simply inexplicable,” said Paul Goelz, former managing director of the National Transportation Safety Board. However, veteran pilot Kit Darby, president of Aviation Information Resources, told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that mechanical problems could still explain everything: A power failure would have turned off the main transponder and its backup, and the plane could have flown for more than an hour, he said. CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said the news “still leaves mechanical, terrorism (and) other issues as much in the air as they were before.” According to the Malaysian Air Force official, who declined to be named because he is not authorized to speak to the media, the plane’s transponder apparently stopped working at about the time flight controllers lost contact with it, near the coast of Vietnam.




Well the plot has officially thickened. Inexplicable deviation in flight path? Possible terrorists on board? Last seen over a remote island? I don’t know what the fuck to think at this point but I do know one thing. It wasn’t just a coincidence that the minute the Stoolies started searching the Ocean news broke that oh whoops, the flight was actually in a completely different location. It’s almost like someone knew we would uncover the truth if left to our own devices out in the South China Sea. Almost like someone knew as soon as the manhunters got on the case it was only a matter of a time before this “vanishing” aircraft story had major holes poked through it. Just makes you think, makes you think about a lot of things.





Chances the NSA is wiretapping my gchat with feits to learn about how radar works? 1,000%.