Michigan Woman Bites Boyfriend's Ear Off And I Couldn't Be More Turned On








(Source) A 31-year-old Macomb Township woman was arrested after she bit off the top part of her boyfriend’s ear, the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office said today. Danielle Nebelung was being held in the county jail on a $10,000 bond after arraignment on an aggravated assault charge in 41A District Court in Shelby Township, the sheriff’s office said. Deputies responded to the 49000 block of Marseilles about 2:45 a.m. Saturday for a domestic violence incident. They met with the 36-year-old resident who said that he had been involved in an altercation with his live-in girlfriend, which ended in her biting off part of his ear.

He told deputies that his girlfriend arrived home and they argued. As he tried to walk into a bedroom, she followed him and began to punch him in the face and head, the sheriff’s office said. As he turned his back to her, she jumped onto his back and bit off the top part of his left ear, according to the sheriff’s office. He was treated by medical personnel. The portion of his ear was located and he was taken to a local hospital for treatment.




Well hello Danielle, I’m Date Big Cat, nice to meet me, how do you like your eggs in the morning?



I’ll fully admit that this may be a case of office hot right now. There is such a thing as mugshot hot. We get so many gross, disgusting people in mugshots every single day that when you get even a half normal looking person they’re immediately attractive. Real World 5’s become Mugshot 8’s. But with all of that said, I’m legit crushing on Danielle Nebelung. She’s got that crazy dark psycho vibe. Can’t get enough of it. The type of girl that will fuck all day and then scratch your eyeball out of your eye socket all night. You want to have a plain jane, white picket fence and all of that shit fine. I’d much rather keep life interesting, always be looking over my shoulder for my flesh eating girlfriend, because yeah you may lose your ear but at least life won’t be boring.




Ohhh boo hoo look at me. I probably had awesome sex forever and happened to lose my ear. Cry me a river dude. Fair trade.





h/t sizz