Oscar Pistorius Pukes In Court During Testimony Discussing His Girlfriend's Autopsy




(source) Track star Oscar Pistorius, on trial for the murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, wept and vomited into a bucket in a South African courtroom on Monday after hearing graphic details from her autopsy. Pathologist Gert Saayman was interrupted several times by the 27-year-old Paralympic and Olympic athlete’s sobbing and retching but the defence team argued against an adjournment, saying a break would not improve his state of mind.

Earlier, Judge Thokozile Masipa imposed a broadcast blackout on Saayman’s testimony out of respect for Steenkamp’s family and to prevent children from accidentally hearing its contents. “Broadcast would compromise the privacy of the deceased, hurt the interests of the Steenkamps and be against the morals of society,” Saayam said when he took the stand to ask for a temporary broadcast blackout of a trial that has so far been shown in its entirety on live television. Masipa, who has been presiding over the week-long trial, extended the ban to live reporting on Twitter.




How fucked is Oscar Pistorious? Honest question. I’ve only been lightly following this case because it’s not in America therefore my simple brain can’t fully comprehend or care about  the story, but it seems like he’s pretty fucking screwed right? This has to be the last line of defense. Puking in a court room because you can’t stomach an autopsy report even though you were the actual guy to kill the person? Kind of a tough sell if you ask me. I get that some people can’t handle blood and guts and gore, but if you’re a person who can kill someone that’s probably not you. Just using a little deductive reasoning. Good try though Oscar, you’re basically at the Phil Rivers kicking a ball backwards in desperation part of your defense.






Except not really because you don’t have legs so you can’t kick anything