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Kyrie Irving Hates Lebron Just Like The Rest Of Us



Look, I can be the first to admit that when this trade first happened I did not like it. I still think there are risks, and there are still several basketball related issues that are not solved for this team. But put that on the back burner for a second because there is something I think we can all agree with. The quickest way to win this city over is to join the Anti-Lebron movement. The beauty of this is there are numerous ways you can do this. You can take the Dave route, or you can be like Kyrie and go on national TV and do what we saw above.


I loved everything about that 18 seconds. The casual, “why would I have to?”, the dead ass stare like “yeah, that probably would be upsetting, and nope I do not care at all”. Kyrie wants to be “the guy”, well this was the first step. He’s not afraid of Lebron and he wants the world to know, I can get behind that.

Interesting response to that question. I would have loved it if Kyrie had instead responded with “are you sure Lebron could win in CLE without me?”, because we all know that’s what he was thinking even if it wasn’t what he was thinking.

Now is there a chance this completely backfires and we get Game 6 2012 Lebron every time we play them? Perhaps, but one thing I know for certain. October 17th is going to be MUST WATCH stuff