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Welcome To The Chris Thompson Appreciation Blog

Come one, come all! Welcome to the Chris Thompson appreciation blog, where we appreciate how good Chris Thompson is at football. And let me tell you, my friends, he is REALLY good at football. Every time he touches the rock he is a threat to take it to the house. He reminds me of a bigger Darren Sproles- great shiftiness out of the backfield, amazing ability to make guys miss, and a constant threat that opposing DC’s need to gameplan around.

Weirdly though, the Redskins do not utilize him to his max potential and it’s driving me crazy. Ok fine, he doesn’t need to get all the carries. Fat Rob and Perine are more of your classic, standard RBs. But Thompson needs more than 3 carries per game. And if he’s not lined up in the backfield, put him in the slot. Make defenders focus on him. Everyone knows he’s a threat. If they can get a safety to commit to him, it opens up the outside for Pryor and Doctson, or opens up the middle for Crowder and Reed. He’s just so dynamic, so scary in the open field, that he needs to be out there for more snaps:

Through two weeks, he has only 6 carries. 2 are for TDs. He also has 7 catches, with an average of 11.6 YPC and a score. Simply put- when he’s out there, he’s making shit happen. He’s breaking ankles and shaking defenders, causing mismatches left and right.

With Pryor still learning to be a WR1, Doctson non-existent, and Reed perpetually injured, Gruden should shift his gameplan to a run-focused attack, centered around Thompson, and building the scheme out from there. He had one iffy drop yesterday, but besides that, I trust him more than most anyone else on this team. And no better time for his coming out party than next Sunday in prime time against the Raiders. So let’s do it, Jay. Let’s make Sunday Chris Thompson Goes HAM On The Raiders Day.