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How Can You Not Love This Team.

Team Noah going Bananas.







Lebron being   SHOCKED he got called for a foul






And Taj passing out Facials.


… …





Let’s get a couple things out of the way. Yes the Bulls aren’t winning a championship this year. Yes this was a regular season game. I get all of that. But if you didn’t love watching this team play today you’re not a sports fan, plain and simple. All heart, all hustle. Joakim Noah has transformed this team into a legitimately fun squad to watch night in and night out. They never quit, they’re always giving it all and when they play the Heat it means more to them. Absolutely love this team, and like I said earlier this week, if Joakim Noah doesn’t get MVP consideration then people just aren’t paying attention to what he’s done this year.




Thibs needs guy in blue on his bench. Need that help D on Lebron.