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Meet Kohl, The Very, Very Good Boy From Last Night's Boise State-New Mexico Game That Featured a Classic Backdoor Cover

I was flipping around sports last night as the Yankees game was in check, while the NFL game sucked, and the Indians game was over. What did I find but a very, very, very good boy retrieving the kicking tee in the Boise State-New Mexico game. His name is Kohl and not only does he contribute to the football team, but he retrieves the bat during Boise State baseball games, and also shoots free throws during halftime of the basketball games.

That clip was one of the more impressive things I’ve ever seen. Kohl is nothing short of a super star. Air Bud? Who needs em? I’ll take Kohl at the line over DeAndre Jordan any day of the week.

The college football game itself wasn’t too great last night. New Mexico entered the game as a 17 point dog and were covering for most of the game until a late Boise touchdown put them up 21 with three minutes and change to go. A gut check to Lobos bettors, until a classic late night back door special began to brew. A jump ball into double coverage in the endzone drew a pass interference flag, moving the ball up to the 30. A few plays later, New Mexico scored on a great catch and throw, to cut the lead to 14 and give bettors the glorious back door cover.

It’s hilarious how meaningless that touchdown was to the score, but to people in Vegas (or anywhere watching) it meant a prayer being answered by the gambling gods. There may not be a better feeling than a backdoor cover. I’d rather that over sex (not that it happens anyways)