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How Many Gulps Would It Take Andre The Giant To Finish 30 Beers?

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So this thought popped into my head yesterday during KFC Radio when we were discussing drinking a 30 pack of beer. If you’ve read any of the urban legends of Andre the Giant you know he was an all time boozer. People say he could finish 30 beers in an hour and a half by himself, and that would be just a warm up. So my question is, if you put 30 beers into a single jug (forget the physics of lifting the thing and holding it while you drink) how many sips would it take Andre the Giant to finish it? I’m saying 6. That Andre the Giant could essentially take Six consecutive FIVE beer sips and finish off a thirty rack. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m more just pissed we never got to test this out.



Time to Vote, how many sips would it take Andre the Giant to finish 30 beers. Vote 1 for 1, 2 for 2 etc etc.



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