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Nintendo Is Bringing Back The NES Classic Because They Were Morons Discontinuing It In The First Place

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TV - Nintendo has backtracked on its baffling decision to cancel the NES Classic Edition, announcing that it will see new shipments next summer. In addition, the upcoming Super NES Classic Edition has seen such high demand that Nintendo has decided to extend shipments into 2018. The company previously planned to stop selling it by the end of this year. Nintendo has made vague promises of more stock for the SNES Classic after its predecessor proved to be near-impossible to find for many. But pre-orders for the new retro console have been equally difficult to secure ahead of release, and it seems Nintendo has finally seen all the evidence it needs to realize that yes, these products are things that a lot of people want to buy.

Taking the NES classic off the market was a, no, THE most interesting business play Nintendo could ever make. They had a product that was universally loved and in such high demand to the point it’s still being re-sold on eBay at triple the amount…so naturally they stopped making the system. That would be like if Jonas Salk let loose the Polio Vaccine for a hot minute then said “I think they’ve had enough”. And you’re goddamn right I compared a video game system shortage to a worldwide health epidemic. You can’t cocktease the planet of something this pure. Sure, they said Nintendo didn’t plan on it being a long-term thing. But come on, man. This was, literally, a million dollar idea that’s come to fruition. Nintendo should be tugging on the nut-hairs of any male born into a middle-class family from the mid-70’s to late-80’s. They want one of these bad boys whether they know it or not. It doesn’t matter if they’ll only play 1/10th of the games for maybe 3 min each before never touching it again. It will be purchased for nostalgia/spite the wife purposes only. And for that, it should never have been discontinued.

There’s always the Switch and the SNES Classic, but dammit, I can’t wait for the N64 Classic that’s enviably going to come out. Christmas morning 1998 will go down as the second greatest day of the life once I get my old man paws on a system I can simultaneously switch between Super Mario 64, Mario Kart, and The Ocarina of Time. Nostalgia wood through the roof. That’s what happens when you grow up having a more emotional relationship with the horse Epona from Zelda than your immediate family and friends. This kid knows. And fucks.