Chevy Makes The Single Worst Commercial I Have Ever Seen In My Life, Reminding Everyone That Their Dog Will Someday Die.


Holy fucking shit was this awful. Seriously who came up with this? I want names. I want numbers. I want addresses. I want an explanation of how exactly this creative meeting went down.


-Quick guys we need a good idea for a new commercial, something with cars and dogs sort of like that Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.


-Oh oh I know. What if we have an old dog sitting in a vet’s office about be put down and show it’s life so everyone can remember that Dog’s don’t live forever.


-Wait, will the dog die?


-Oh yeah big time, but the Chevy won’t





Seriously, is that how it went? Because that’s the only logical conversation I can possibly think of. Fuck you Chevy, fuck your marketing team and your cars and your stupid faces. Maybe next time before you put out some artsy commercial you’re remember the simple things in life. The things that men love. Like beer, football, trucks, and dogs that are very much ALIVE. Dicks, End of Rant.





Oh and you may be wondering why I posted this, just spreading the sadness. Well now you know about it, so when this commercial hits you at your most vulnerable, you know like when you’re deathly hungover on a Sunday morning watching college basketball without a friend in the world, you’ll know to change the channel.



h/t kenny