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The Weekend Greenie Bag - Marcus Smart's Weight Loss, Is It Actually Bad?


Welcome to another edition of the Weekend Greenie Bag! Football is about to kick off, so this mailbag will get you through those last brutal minutes until then. Thankfully, this week was less about the trade and more about what happens next, which I certainly appreciate. We need to help each other turn the page. Yes, this also means you can stop tagging me on Isaiah’s social media activity. I am in fact aware he is a Cleveland Cavalier. As always, you can be a part of this blog every week by tweeting me something with #greeniebag or emailing It’s easy, painless, and without it this blog does not exist. Thank you in advance.

Now, your questions


What’s up Greenie,

As you know we only have 4 guys coming back from last seasons roster. The only other time we’ve seen something remotely similar was in ’07 when we brought 6 guys back. My question is – how do you think these guys build the chemistry to be a championship caliber team? Chemistry is key to a successful team and people forget that the ’07-’08 C’s took that trip to Rome with no phones so they could become better acquainted with each other and actually form a brotherhood. Worked out pretty well. After seeing the bond between the guys the last few years (IT, AB, Marcus, Jae etc.) get basically stripped away, do you think that’ll play a role in how we play as a unit going forward? Not to mention the fact that it seems like Kyrie is very focused on improving his own game rather than speaking to being part of something bigger. How do you think Brad brings these guys together to really buy into the Celtic tradition and form a brotherhood? – Thanks, Robby

I think Bobby brings up a great point, and one that I don’t think we spend enough time on. Even outside of the guys he mentioned, 11 of the 15 players on this roster are new. Guys who are going to be relied upon to play big minutes haven’t really had time to gel. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think this lack of chemistry isn’t going to impact their performance on the basketball court. At least to start. The good news is, this is fairly common. Almost every team outside of that 08 Cs team has some sort of learning period. Marcus is going to need time to learn where Gordon likes to get the ball before going up with a shot, Kyrie is going to have to learn how Al reacts and moves in the P&R, Jaylen is going to have to learn his teammates defensive issues so he can be there ready to help, the list goes on and on.

There’s also the fact that unlike that 2008 year, training camp is shorter now. With the season starting two weeks earlier the guys are not going to have as much time to get familiar as we’ve seen in the past. Chemistry vs talent is an interesting debate to me, because each are so important. Who cares how much talent a team has if they don’t have the right chemistry, while at the same time, chemistry means dogshit if you don’t have the talent to win. The successful NBA franchises have the right combination of both, and fortunately for the Celtics, chemistry is the easier one to achieve.

In Brad’s time in Boston, this is by far his biggest test. All this talk about playing the Celtics way won’t really work in my opinion because 90% of this team has no idea what that even looks like. To be honest, I would LOVE to see Brad bring in Paul/KG this camp to try and work with everyone, but at the end of the day it’s just going to take time. Going through tough losses and big wins together as a unit is what is going to form that chemistry that is going to be required for them to get over the hump.


Hey Greenie,

Going to try to pull you out of the darkness with this one – 

Top 5 celts your most excited/most heavily anticipating this year? Need them in order. Really get into it.

1. Gordon Hayward

This was pretty easy for me. I absolutely cannot wait to see what magic Brad can create now that he has his one true basketball love on his roster. I’m excited to see another elite All Star level scorer, and how he’s used. Will Brad run him off a lot of the same screens that he ran for Avery? I actually think we’re going to see Gordon actually run some point and initiate the offense sort of like he did while in Utah, and I’m very much here for that as well

2. Yabu

Finally, the Legend Of Yabu has arrived. I don’t just want to see Yabu, I NEED to see Yabu. Is he the French Draymond? Can he solve the rebounding issues?

3. Kyrie Irving

I mean, duh.

4. Terry Rozier

This is a GIANT year for Terry in my mind. Why? Well one, in the event that the Celtics don’t extend Marcus early, they need to know what they have in Rozier by the summer, because who knows, a team like BKN might come out and max Smart as a RFA. To me, Rozier is the starting SG on the second unit, and for this team to overcome what they lost, they are going to need Rozier to live up to the expectations.

5. Jaylen Brown/Jayson Tatum

I had to include both here, because my level of excitement/anticipation is the same for both. This is the Celtics future, and both are going to be relied upon a great deal if this team wants to do anything. For Jaylen, I have him starting, so the Celtics are not only going to need a leap from him on the offensive end, but especially the defensive end. There is no more Jae, no more Avery, and he has the physical tools to be a lockdown defender.

For Tatum, it’s really the same thing. He is now the #1 scoring option on that second unit for me. Can his performance in the Summer League carry over? Is he really Paul Pierce? I cannot wait to find out


If IT and Brady were such good friends, what cross sport friendships do you think Kyrie and Hayword will cultivate?

PS: Go Trojans – Russell

Russell, I will not answer your question because USC can suck my dick. #GoDevils


I’ve seen reports of smart losing a lot of weight this summer and becoming “a new, better version of himself”. Do you see this weight loss improving his game greatly or maybe just a few little things here and there. I see it negative in the way that he’ll be smaller and unable to guard the bigger players in the post but other than that I can’t think of many other negatives. He should be quicker, more agile and able to drive in the lane. His shot should improve as well. Also, what’re the chances we resign him after this year? I think he’s a big part of what our team represents. Whatcha think? 

As always, keep up the great work Greenie!  – Taylor

Taylor, I see absolute no negatives in Marcus dropping 20 pounds. I don’t think a slimmer Marcus means a weaker Marcus, so I do not worry about his ability to guard big men this season. Remember, we saw Marcus shut down big men in prior seasons, when he didn’t weigh 240 fucking pounds. Like you mentioned, I think his better shape will actually translate to his shot improving, since he won’t be sucking wind so easily. As someone who is going to probably play 30-35 minutes a night, we need his offense to FINALLY not be the worst thing we’ve ever seen, and I think we’ve gotten flashes of that at times.

Now, in terms of resigning him, I am of the camp that they should try and find a way to work out an extension early, before the summer. Would I hate something like 4/80M? I don’t think so. Are you maybe paying a little more than he might get in RFA? I’m sure that’s possible as well, but at some point you have to invest in your own talent. However, if Marcus turns in an absolute dud of a season, and Rozier flourishes, would it surprise anyone if Ainge moved on?

OK because football is about to start let’s call it here. Thank you to everyone who wrote in, see you all  back here next weekend.

Have a great Sunday!!