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Jordan Reed Has Been Dealing With A Painful Fractured Toe But Is Going To Play Through It

NFL - Redskins star tight end Jordan Reed will be battling a painful toe injury for at least the early part of the season, one that they hope won’t affect his production.

Sources say the mysterious toe ailment that Reed has been battling is actually a fracture in his big toe, one that forced adjustment to the way he runs.

That, in turn, has caused issues in other parts of his foot and helps explain why he was slow to get on the field in training camp.

Reed, who has not played 16 games in a season in his career, has been highly productive when on the field. Last season, he played in 12 games, with 66 catches for 686 yards and six TDs.

But he missed most of camp on the physically unable to perform list, only being activated on Aug. 20. He saw a specialist on Aug. 1 for another opinion.

He told reporters in camp that the injury flared up after a stem-cell treatment, saying he was giving it time to “calm down.” Now the question is, how effective will he be this season as he deals with it?


Poor Jordan Reed. Couldn’t even line up for a snap this season before being hurt. I guess spinzone- he got getting hurt out of the way before the season even started? It sucks this guy cannot stay healthy. He’s so valuable to the team, so dangerous of a player, but for the life of him cannot stay healthy. Nevermind the large number of concussions he has suffered through his young career, when he’s not recovering from one of those, he’s on the mend with a different ailment. And this year, all through camp, he was battling a mysterious foot injury. And that injury turns out to be a fractured big toe, which is he going to go ahead and play through. It sounds so painful to run on a broken toe, nevermind the big toe, but that’s what Jordan Reed does. Last season he played through a separated shoulder, and now he’s going to try and tough it out and run on a fractured toe. Hopefully the Skins get up big early and Reed can limit his amount of snaps, because I’m cringing just thinking about the amount of pain he’s going to be in. Good luck to Jordan Reed fantasy owners, hopefully he comes through for you, you know I’m certainly rooting for it.