Pat Sajak Being A Straight Up Dickhead To Clark The Cub



Whooooaa. Big time low blow by Pat there. Can’t get a more unprovoked diss than that. Girl isn’t even a Cubs fan. It’s so clear your joke was set up for her to be a Cubs fan so you could make fun of Clark and then turns out she’s a Sox fan and you STILL bully us. Just mean stuff. You’re a poor man’s Trebek and the whole world knows it Pat. See? You’re not the only one who can be mean, jerk.




Quick Update on the spring training Home Run fest – Yesterday we had Javy Baez with his second YABO of the season (hitting .417 and is probably the best cub ever) and George Kottaras went Dong Show. Whatever, just another day of fireworks in Mesa.





The SI vault guy tweeted this pic out this morning. Forgot how much time and effort Sammy put in the weight room back in the day. No one worked harder.