Ricketts Zigging While Everyone Else Zags




FUCK and YES. I don’t want playoff games, I don’t want a winning team, I want Coldplay and U2. Either or, or maybe even both? Maybe we can get Shania Twain to open, or maybe even Dashboard? Or is that getting too zany. Fucking Cubs, pressing all the right buttons right now. When you’re hot you’re hot.



Oh and this may seem like I’m being hypocritical but I truly am not. I want the Cubs to make a shit load of money and re-invest it into the team. I want more ads and billboards if it means wins. I want updates to Wrigley if it helps the bottom line. But just like Clark the Cub I don’t need to hear about it. Just do it. Get it done. Make money, get talent, win games. That’s your job, I don’t need to be micromanaged as a fan (not sure that makes sense but you get what I’m saying).





Quick Update on Cubs Spring Season Home Run Track.


Justin Ruggiano and Mike Olt both hit 2 run dingers yesterday. I don’t have highlights but if you close your eyes you can imagine how fucking sweet they were.






Double PS


This was a direct shot across every stoolie’s bow.