Head On A Swivel If You're A Cop Waking Up This Morning Because There Is An ATV Riding Badass On The Loose





Well then, looks like we just found the baddest motherfucker on the planet. Not a skull helmet, a FIVE skull helmet, and you thought motorcycle gangs were in? You thought it was like Sons of Anarchy riding around causing mayhem? Nah man, three words, ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE. It’s called proper weight distribution, quad city. 2 wheels are for show-offs, 4 wheels are for business men.  So be careful out there, because there’s a business man cruising and he’s intimidating people with his Yamaha and skull helmet. Scary.




Has to be the best day of this sketch artist’s life right? What a coup. 5 skull helmet sketch needed ASAP, somewhere out there a million community college art students are jizzing.