Jefferson Beats East With A Buzzer Beater In Rockford Regionals.....Then Everyone Decides To Do The Reasonable Thing And Fist Fight On The Court

(Source) Chaz Johnson scores at the buzzer to lift Jefferson to a 51-49 Class 4A regional boys basketball victory over East at Belvidere North and the J-Hawks and their crowd celebrate.



Fuck Yeah, Buzzer beater, high school sports, the thrill of the game!


Oh wait.




Few things that were fantastic in this fight.



1. This white kid in the hoodie and key lanyard.



Big time bruiser with the whole bobbing, weaving, and clenching his fists to absolutely no one.




2. This guy, just casually walking in the middle of a brawl with a baby on his hip. I have no idea what the strategy is here but I’m intrigued to say the least.






3. Last but certainly not least. Why would the biggest player on the court ever square up when he sucker punch people in the back of the head. Don’t work hard, work smart.





All in all just some good old fashioned wholesome fun.



h/t zach and rr