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Bro Ruins His Own Bank Robbery Because The Teller Couldn't Read the Note


Fox - Antioch Police say a man intended to rob a bank Monday, but was foiled by his illegible handwriting. The man walked into the Wells Fargo branch on Somersville Road and handed a note to a teller. According to investigators, the teller had a hard time making out what the note said and took it to a manager for help. The manager and teller worked together, police say, and were able to figure out the man was trying to rob the bank and they called the police. By then, investigators say the man left. Not long after, police got a call about an “unwanted guest” at the Somersville Towne Center mall. Responding officers say the man, 29-year-old Jamal Garrett, matched the description of the man from the bank. Witnesses from the bank were also able to identify Garrett as the man from the bank, investigators say. Garrett was arrested for attempted robbery and parole violation.

What a load of horse shit from the bank teller. Aaron Crafty as hell though to pretend like you had no idea what was going on and needed to talk to a manager. Uh, when someone hands you a scribbled note at a bank, 99.9 times out of 99.9 times, it’s a bank robbery. Fucking language arts teacher behind the counter. Sorry I don’t have perfect penmanship like all the girls in 3rd grade Mr. Nerd Bank Teller. But keep it up with the cursive handwriting critiques. Fastest way to end up with a gun in your face.

If I was a bank teller I’d be handing over bags of money to anybody that looked even remotely suspicious. Hat and sunglasses on? Here’s all the cash. Hands in your coat pockets? Here’s the combination to the safe. Ain’t my money. I’m not risking a fucking thing.