This Guy Made $700 For Sitting Bare Ass On A Bees Nest

Metro- Jamie Granger was challenged to sit on the hive with a bare backside for NZ$1,000 – £550.

Another colleague had failed the 30-second challenge, managing just 19 seconds on the swarm.

So Jamie, 27, dropped his trousers on the farm in Rural Matamata after being goaded by friend Aurel Braguta.

Jamie Grainger, from Tauranga, New Zealand, said: ‘Was it painful? Well, it was just as you can imagine.

‘It wasn’t pleasant but it was certainly amusing. As you can imagine your a**e swells up.

‘It was just a spur of the moment thing and he offered me a thousand bucks – I was like ‘well a thousand bucks’, that sounds good.

‘Aurel is an arrogant bastard and makes bets on the spur of the moment. Like he once gave me 500 bucks to eat a slug.

‘I’ll admit it’s quite a lot of money. We always do weird challenges. We do all kinds of things – like eating slugs. Once we even ate pig’s testicles for a laugh.

‘We were out fishing once and Shaun caught a big fish. He just asked me to eat its eyes. He said if I ate its eyes I could have the whole fish – so I did it.

‘There are things they won’t do, though. Like, for example, we once challenged each other to eat a dead rat and the boys just said no.

‘They’re a great team and we’re a professional company who work with bees on a daily basis. It’s about challenging yourself and facing your fears.

Well lookie here, the New Zealand apiarists (beekeepers for those of you who don’t do crossword puzzles) are at it again with their whacky antics! Eating slugs, fish eyeballs, and pig testicles; sitting bare-assed on bees. But they won’t eat dead rats–no sir. They’re not animals. I guess credit where credit is due: this guy has a far higher tolerance to pain than I do. Getting stung by 1 bee is fucking brutal. Maybe getting stung by hundreds is actually less bad? Like you become inured to the pain? Sorta like those weird needle hand toys. The one you tip upside down and all the needles form the 3D outline of your hand/face. 1 needle hurts, but hundreds of needles feels pretty good.

But nah, this really seems awful. Have you ever had someone pinch your ass or spank you? If you’re like me, you guys get sexually harassed a lot, so you know how painful that can be. I have to believe the sensation of hundreds of bee stings to your butt cheeks–especially a stinger to the the taint–is incredibly unpleasant. In fairness, $717 USD isn’t bad. That’s real money. That’s like 10 matcha drinks in New York. But I’d much prefer to earn the money the old-fashioned way, putting in the overtime hours at the office. staying past 7PM and arriving before 10.