Here We Have Jeff Goldblum Dramatically Reading The Lyrics To Nelly's 'Hot In Herre'

That video wasn’t particularly funny. I’ll admit that but I’m all for things that keep Nelly’s classic hit “Hot In Herre” alive. It likely will survive forever on its own merits and at weddings but Jeff Goldblum doing a dramatic reading of the lyrics does nothing but help the cause. Before, I got arrested to the soothing sounds of Nelly’s band, Nelly songs meant something completely different to me and anyone who is my age. It meant that the high school dance floor was about to get WILD. It meant that girls who usually focused on extra credit and volleyball were about turn into borderline strippers and guys were going to rub their boners on the backs of their glittery dress (all with consent, of course). When ‘Hot In Herre” came on at high school dances everyone teleported to an entirely different universe. A universe with very few rules and a lot of fun. Those were the good ol days.