The New Taylor Swift Song Mashed Up With Britney's "Toxic" Is Tremendous

I’ve said I like the new Taylor Swift song, and I do, but I still hate the chorus. That “I’m Too Sexy” beat is lame as fuck. The original song sucked and certainly never needed to be revived in a garbage chorus, but there’s a cure for everything and that cure is “Toxic.” Drop the “Sexy” beat, add some Britney beats, and bam we’re looking at a full blown heater. Even if you don’t like “Look What You Made Me Do,” as a vast majority of you do not, you can’t deny this heat. “Toxic” is an absolute classic and LWYMMD becomes one when the beat is tweaked a bit. I’m sure we’re gonna get a bunch of remixes of this song coming out and they’re all going to be a bop because the second you drop that awful chorus beat it’s undeniably excellent.