Pizza Hut Employees Are Delivering Free Pizza Via Kayak To People Stranded in Houston

Fox 8

SUGAR LAND, Texas – Workers from a Houston-area Pizza Hut are using kayaks to navigate flooded streets and deliver food to people stranded by Harvey.

“When I heard there were families in need, I knew we had to act fast,” Sugar Land Pizza Hut manager Shayda Habib said, according to KPRC. She said she called up her husband and asked him to get as many kayaks together as he could.

Habib and all the employees she could gather started making as many pizzas as possible, then stuffed them in the red pouches and loaded them onto the delivery kayaks.

“We are so proud of our team for seeing a need, stepping up and helping the community in a time of devastation,” Pizza Hut franchisee James Bodenstedt said

Every day we’re getting worse and worse pictures about the people stranded in Houston. Things couldn’t be more devastating than what’s going on down there, and here we have some Pizza Hut employees volunteering there own time to deliver hot pizzas on KAYAKS to those that are stranded. I mean this is flat-out hero stuff you see in movies going on in Houston. These poor families are stranded, running out of food (if they have any left) and here come some people who have no reason to be there other than being the absolute best of the best to deliver some warm pizza and make things a little better for those in need. These employees should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom (the highest award bestowed to a civilian) because I can’t imagine being as courageous and unselfish as they are during these circumstances. There are human beings out there that are simply better people than you or I and they’re in Houston right now risking their lives so those stranded have something to eat. The world is filled with a lot of bad people now a days, but it’s nice to know there’s some hope out there still.

If you’re able to help and can afford to donate a few dollars then please text HARVEY to 90999 to make a 10 dollar donation to the Red Cross or you can go here and donate what you. Any little bit helps guys.

P.S. If you’re reading this and need help please contact any one of these people.