Damn. There Goes Wawa. Revolutionizing The Gas Pumping Game Again

I’ve long been a proponent of gas station reform. There are so many advances that we’ve made in modern society. Yet we still haven’t found a way to properly design gas stations (Wawa gas stations particularly) in a way which doesn’t cause total mayhem and chaos. Here is proof that I’ve been trying to spark the Resistance.

There are very few things in this world that are more infuriating than when you’re stuck waiting for what feels like no less than 7 hours for a pump to open up all because you’ve got jackass #1 pulling in one way with the gas tank on the passenger side and then jackass #2 pulling in the other way with the tank on the driver side and nobody knows which fucking way to go. It’s truly a reckless abandon. Gas stations have become lawless havens for anarchy to thrive. That is, of course, until this lady decided to take matters into her own hands and switch up the game on everybody.


“Today in Women” 

The thing I hate the most about this move is that I actually don’t hate it. Like do I think this is the most effective way to pull up to a gas pump? Probably not. Especially because I’d put all the money in my bank account (roughly 28 entire USD’s) on this chick putting her Hyundai Elantra into reverse to pull out of this spot. However, I do think this move is preposterous enough to finally jump start the conversations to change the way gas station lines operate. That “so bad it’s actually good” kind of shit.