A Good Boy Put The Clamps On Klay Thompson During A Pick Up Game

What’s up. It’s your boy Trent with a basketball blog. You might be thinking I don’t know basketball. Well you’re wrong. I know basketball. I know the terminology. Dribble, dunk, block, buckets, buzzer beater, etc etc. I’m hip. I’m with it. Did you see how I threw the word “clamps” in the title? That’s a guy who knows hoops. That’s a guy who has seen a basketball game or two. I also know that Klay Thompson got his shit shut DOWN by that pup. That dog did things most NBA players aren’t able to do. He was able to stop the fire power of one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. He even threw in some vicious trash talk. The Cavaliers should sign him. Forget trading for Isaiah Thomas. It turns out Air Bud wasn’t some fictional movie made up by the folks at Disney to sell tickets. It was a real option that NBA teams should explore.