I'm Extremely Disappointed With The Vegas Golden Knights That Nobody Is Wearing The Number 69 This Year


Every once in a while, I still forget that there’s actually going to be a team in Vegas in the NHL this year. They’re not going to feel totally real until I actually see them play. But yesterday they got a little bit more real after releasing the player numbers for everybody on their roster. Let’s have a look.

88 on a defenseman is absolutely disgusting. I’ve been saying that about Nate Schmidt for years now while he was with the Caps. Was hoping he would have taken this opportunity to change but I guess not.

Nothing surprising here. All standard.

I need to have a talk with Tomas Kyka and Pierre-Edourd Bellemare. Buddies. What the fuck kind of numbers are 38 and 41? It’s not like you’re playing for some historic franchise here who have all the good numbers already retired. You have the pick of whatever number you want and you bozos go 38 and 41? Yikes. 9-12 are all available. Those are primetime numbers. C’mon. Be better than that.

David Clarkson going with 97 is probably the best troll job that Vegas could ever pull off. Guy is nothing more than just a contract at this point and you give him McDavid’s sweater number. Also a fan of Shipachyov not shying away from 87.

But as you can see, there are 40 numbers there and not a single player decided to go with number 69. It’s a damn shame Jay Baruchel wasn’t in the stands when the boys were picking numbers.


Think about it though. You’re a new expansion team. In Las Vegas. Somebody here on this roster had a once in a lifetime opportunity to become hockey’s favorite player. Fans from all across the globe would love you and the jersey sales would be through the roof. The Vegas Golden Knights are a crew of misfits. They are all cast aways who have been tossed by the wayside by their previous teams. There was an opportunity here to start new and become beloved league-wide. But nobody seized the opportunity when it came knocking at the door. I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.