Urine Trouble: Woman On Video Throwing A Cup Full Of Pee On Bus Driver

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I’m not willing to just admit that this woman threw the cup of urine on the driver for no reason. Maybe she thought the driver was suffering from the common cold. Sometimes when I’m on the bus I will carry a goblet of urine for the medicinal qualities. You see, pee can have the same chemical compound of Vick’s Vapor Rub and really open up your sinuses when it’s warmed like Theraflu. Maybe just maybe, the pee thrower is a mother who knows a thing or two about home remedies because she’s a mom with a Pinterest account. But, the reports are the reports, and we must take this incident as a urine attack.

Metro says the female passenger was about to exit the bus when the bus operator told her, “Have a nice day.” The passenger responded by saying, “Are you talking to me?” With a purple cup containing urine in her hand, the passenger then doused the driver with the liquid after reaching around the shield installed on the bus aimed at protecting the bus operator.

The only explanation for throwing piss in someone’s face when they tell you to have a nice day is that this woman has seen We Were Soldiers one too many times.

“Who are you tell me to have a nice day!?”

/throws piss