Full Video Of Jimmy Kimmel Lambasting Rob Ford Last Night

Part 1 -Introductions and semi-pleasantries.

Cringe Worthy Scale – 4/10

Sweat Scale 2/10


-Rob Ford looks downright stunning. Jimmy calls him a magician I call him a throwback mafioso badass. Potato, potatoe

– Jimmy Kimmel says “Why are you here, what good could come of this, have you ever seen my show”, probably the first sign that Rob Ford should run.

-Best Rob Ford Quote “You’d be surprised how fast I can move”. Pretty sure this means Rob Ford is like an Alligator, can go from sitting to a full sprint in 1.2 seconds. 40 miles per hour for 30 feet and then he’s done. At least this is now what I think in my head.



Part 2 – Rob Ford vs Mayor of LA

Cringe Scale -5/10

Sweat Scale -7/10


Jimmy does a Rob Ford vs Eric Garcetti comparison. Which I guess is supposed to show us how absurd Rob Ford is, but really it just confirms that I like Rob Ford more than the fake photo op politican.



Give me the guy housing a few wings and a milk mustache over the perfectly planned photo any day (maybe not for politics, but for life).




Part 3 – Jimmy Kimmel Showing Rob Ford Videos and Making Fun Of Him


Cringe Scale – 9.5/10

Sweat Scale – 9.5/10


This is where the wheels sort of came off. Jimmy basically throwing everything in Rob Ford’s face. It was awkward and weird and yes I know that Rob Ford isn’t exactly a moral compass and he is probably a scumbag if you actually live in Toronto but for us, for Americans, he’s an awesome joke. A politician that likes to party. Tommy Boy reincarnate. And Jimmy Kimmel absolutely brutalized him here.



Credit to Rob Ford for taking the punches. He was basically Charlie Kelly when he realizes he can be a fighter because he can take a million shots without losing his legs.




Part 4 – Wrap Up

Cringe Scale- 7/10, 10/10 when he told Rob Ford to go to rehab

Sweat Scale – 9/10



Jimmy Kimmel telling Rob Ford to go to rehab was BRUTAL. Maybe he needs rehab, who the fuck knows, but asking him on national television was fucking awkward to the max.




So there it was, Jimmy Kimmel brutalized Rob Ford and Rob Ford took it all on the chin. His people are now saying today that he was blindsided, which isn’t really fair because Jimmy Kimmel has definitely established in the past 5-6 months that he is not a fan of Rob Ford and likes to make jokes about him. That’s on Rob Ford for not realizing what was coming, either way, awkward cringe worthy stuff all around.





I got a bunch of chirps from Toronto people saying Rob Ford deserved this and more. That’s fine, and I probably can’t disagree, but understand I don’t give a shit about politics. I think all politicians are scumbags, I like Rob Ford because he makes me laugh. If that makes me wrong so be it, but a drunk bumbling crack smoking mayor of a major city is A+ stuff in a blogger’s world.