All That For A 2020 Second Round Pick? Really??


At long last, the nightmare is over. All of that bullshit over the course of the last 4 days has come at a price. That price is a 2020 second round pick? That is incredible. The way I see it, Ainge ended up breaking slightly and upped his offer (which now sets a precedent I don’t love), but if you’re CLE, was this really worth it to you? When you factor in the PR damage, and then look at the result, they were clearly full of shit about how bad Isaiah’s hip is going to be. If it was such a huge deal, they would have held out for something better. This does more damage for them in my opinion, but, I guess they did achieve their goal of getting more than the original offer.

Still pathetic.

At the end of the day, I think the Cavs wanted one last effort to call around the league, didn’t get anything close to what Boston offered, and to save face ended up at that 2nd round pick. That’s the only thing I can think of. Lebron probably told them to check just one more time, when in reality we all knew this was the best deal CLE was going to get. That BKN pick is too important to their future, whether it’s used as a tool to keep Lebron, or it’s a building block for a post Lebron world. Both teams simply had too much to lose to back away, I think even they knew it.

Now that we can put this trade behind us, we can finally move on. We as Celtics fans don’t have to worry about what our locker room would be like if this trade didn’t happen, and all the drama that would carry over onto the court. Instead, we can spend our time worrying about if Kyrie extends and where that BKN pick ends up. With one roster spot left to fill, this roster isn’t complete just yet, but the hard ones are in place. As interesting as heading into last season was with the addition of Horford, this upcoming season is that times a BILLION.

I’m just happy we can finally sleep at night. 48 more days till Opening Night in Cleveland. Holy shit.