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Hey Nate, What's Bothering You Today? Anything Going On?



Hey Nate, what’s bothering you today? Oh I don’t know, just thinking about when Maryland let a top 5 college coach James Franklin walk. He was coach-in-waiting for once Fridge stepped down, but instead they fucked around and didn’t lock him up. Allowed him to go to Vandy even though he wanted to coach the Terps. So now we are stuck with Edsall and James Franklin is at god damn Penn State. Infuriating. Sure, he would have left Maryland at some point anyway. But it’s the fact Maryland let him go just rubs me the wrong way. Incompetence to the max. So now he’s at Penn State, just in time for Maryland’s switch to the Big 10 next season. Good grief.

Hey Nate, anything else bothering you? Oh you know, only that the Capitals traded their 2nd best prospect for a guy with 0 goals in 39 games this season, and 5 goals in his last 84 games. That prospect, Filip Forsberg, just so happened to just win the MVP of the World Junior Championships last week. Is that good? The Flyers who I’m pretty sure started the season losing 20 games in a row, have moved above the Caps in the standings. Is that good? Martin Erat is a healthy scratch tonight for Aaron Volpatti, who bless his soul, is widely considered one of, if not the worst, player in the league. I can’t be positive, but I don’t think that’s very good.