Does This Look Like The Face of a Man Who Is Now The Host Of The #1 Baseball Show in America?

My God that’s our boy Jared Carrabis! He really likes it when you pronounce his last name (Care-ih-bus) by the way. In case you were hidden under a rock the last two days, Jared, along side Dallas Braden and Brian Wilson helped launch one of our biggest achievements yet: A Baseball show with licensed MLB highlights. To no one’s surprise the show is a massive hit and is absolutely outrageous. I mean we’re coming out of the gates with some Porn talk last night

It’s amazing Jared came from doing commercials for Sully’s Brand years ago to now hosting the #1 baseball show sweeping the nation. Just look at this fucking guy.

While Jared’s at it he might be coming for MicksTape as well. I bet the Purple Starfish wish Carrabis was in New York during the basketball season.

In all seriousness please tune in tonight at 11:00 on Facebook Live for the third episode of Starting Nine. When you’ve got Carrabis and these two lunatics below you’ve got yourself the best trio possible covering baseball the way it should be.

P.S. Hey Jared congrats on the sex by the way