Did Dickie V Just Scoop The Entire NBA World?

Dick Vitale (Photo: Business Wire)

Dickie V from the goddamn clouds! We’re deep into Day 4 of this CLE/BOS trade standoff, there’s posturing going on left and right, from CLE suddenly saying the deal will get done for a low pick, to Isaiah coming out and saying he’s going to be 100%. Who knows what to believe or what the motives are from all parties involved.

What we do know is Dickie V just came out and shook his dick all over Woj/Shams/us etc. I don’t know who his source could possibly be, but this feels rock solid. At the same time, perhaps Dickie V was just taking forever to figure out how to send a tweet he started writing days ago. It’s anybody’s guess, but I’m choosing to believe him. Guy can’t get cable to watch the big fight, but he can come out of nowhere with a Dick Bomb like this. Just another cuck of Woj by another fellow ESPN employee, hate to see it.

We have about 24 hours until we’ll all know for SURE what the hell is going on, but if you aren’t feeling more confident now that Dickie V has weighed in, I don’t know what to tell you.

Dickie V so hot right now, Dickie V