Houston Flood Victim Puts CNN Reporter In The Biggest Catch 22 Situation Of All Time

Well that was awkward. Here is the thing. The networks totally exploit flood victims and really victims of all tragedies. That’s what they do. All they care about are ratings and soundbites. But regardless of the intent, documenting this stuff is good for the cause. It pulls at peoples heart strings. It gets people to open their wallets and donate. It creates action. So even though the intent may not be pure the coverage is still neccessery.

Anyway I’ve never seen a reporter put in a bigger pickle than this lady was. She has an emotional, ratings worthy interview but the victim keeps yelling at her for keeping the microphone in her face. What do you do? Stop recording or keep the microphone in her face? Pickle city. Also as bad as I feel for this woman it’s not like she is being held at gun point. She did have the option just to walk away