The Colts, Titans and Vikings Get Murdered in a Flame War by ... Merriam-Webster


Mirriam-Webster from the top rope! Chalk up another win for the nerds!

Let’s see if we can’t sift through the evidence at this crime scene and figure out what happened. So the Colts Twitter feed decides that #ColtsForged will be their new rallying cry. The Titans account objects, saying they thought of using “forged” first and do a little word play. But the Vikings Twitter comes in with a not so fast and claims “forge” was their word before anybody else’s. So the Colts come back at them hot with a little etymology thrown in to teach them all what’s what. And all three of them get put in a body bag … by a dictionary company.

I guess that’s what we can expect from three franchises that have one championship between them since 1971. They turn a simple flame war into a Grammar Bee. And once you’re fighting on that playground, no one stands a chance against the dictionary crowd. By definition, if you’re running the social media account for an NFL team, you’re a nerd. But the guy sitting at the switch of Mirriam-Webster’s account is an uber-nerd. Like he not only knows all the English words, but can speak Latin and fluent Klingon and such. Someone like that is going to live his life just looking for a chance to use his word power as a weapon to destroy the jocks who made his childhood miserable, even if they’re not actual jocks. And the Colts, Titans and Vikings nerds walked right into it.

As a Patriots homer, I’m just glad to have the wordsmiths from Mirriam-Webster on our side. It’s like having a Bran Stark on hand. A weird, pasty faced loner with a skill no one can comprehend but who might be the most power player in the game. Stay on that wall, Mirriam-Webster.