Today Is The Last Day To Ensure You Have Your Clown Shirt Ready For Opening Night #OperationClownFace


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Oh in case you didn’t hear Dave Portnoy bought 70,000 clown towels to hand out opening night at Foxboro. Hopefully Gillette will be drowning in a sea of turquoise. We have a storage facility a mile away from the stadium that will serve as ground zero for Operation Clownface. We are still accepting volunteers to pick up towels and distribute them to your tailgate buddies and make sure every single person in the stadium has one to wave in Goodell’s ugly mug. Email paul@barstoolsports for details how and when to pick up the towels if you want to help the cause.

And if waving a towel isn’t enough for you. If you feel the need to wear the clown shirt today is the last day to ensure you have it by gameday. Click here to order the shirt the pros wear and Goodell can’t stand.

Click To Buy Clown Shirt Tee


PS – I’m kind of nervous about this entire operation. It is an absolute logistical nightmare. Salesguy keeps saying we’re gonna be fine. I don’t think he understand how many towels 70,000 towels are. I know a 50 year storm is coming and I think there is a decent chance we drown trying to paddle to New Zealand