A Politician Is Very Angry His Opponent Used The Grandpa Simpson "Old Man Yelling At A Cloud" Meme Against Him In An Ad


NYDN- Queens City Council candidate Robert Holden ripped a mailer comparing him to a a curmudgeonly character from “The Simpsons” Tuesday — calling it “hate-filled,” ageist and saying it led to him getting a bomb threat. The mailer, paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, included a quote from Holden about wanting to take away scooters from kids and comparing him to Abe “Grandpa” Simpson. While it doesn’t contain any violent rhetoric, Holden is blaming it for a threat he received in his mailbox, scrawled on top of the campaign literature: “Take my kid’s scooter and I’ll blow your car up! I don’t care how many cops you know!”

The literature featured a riff of a popular gag that features the Simpsons character underneath the headline “Old Man Yells At Cloud” — instead of “Old Man,” it said “Bob.” Holden noted the quote was from a New York Times story about an effort to get motorized scooters off local streets, and said he’d seen a child badly hurt on one. He argued the line about taking away children’s scooters could make it sound like he’d want to harm children.

Well we have finally done it folks. We have made it to the point where the Old Man Yells At A Cloud picture has become offensive. The fact it happened in 2017 isn’t shocking at all since everything is offensive to someone now. But the shocker is that it happened in the political realm. You know how many commercials we are going to see the next few months of people ripping each other to shreds and calling each other frauds? Mud slinging out the ass. Okay that sounded kinda gross, but you know what I mean. We lost Pepe The Frog to Nazis or racists or something. And now poor Abe Simpson is a hate symbol against ageism, even though that has pretty much been his exact role on the show for its 200 seasons on TV. I’d say I miss the 90s, but I remember when this shirt was protested against by hordes of angry parents.


The worst part about all this for Robert Holden is that now he has put the spotlight on him in a bad way. If I was a voter in his district and didn’t know anything about the issues, I would instantly be against him. You know why? BECAUSE HE IS YELLING AT A CLOUD AGAIN. Angry Bob is going to stick because Angry Bob is in the news. Trump was the king at coming up with nicknames like this. Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary, etc all stuck like glue as Donnie marched all the way to the White House.

The initial ad wasn’t all that funny and didn’t make sense. And trust me, I know a lot about not being all that funny or making sense. But now Angry Bob he is the old curmudgeon that hates scooters, memes, and The Simpsons. I don’t give a shit about scooters, but I love me a good meme and The Simpsons (Golden Years only obviously). I don’t know who Elizabeth Crowley is, but I’ll be damned if she didn’t just bodybag her opponent with the smartest piece of junk mail I have ever seen. I may actually glance at the Pennysaver or the billions of Bed, Bath, And Beyond coupons if they had a witty caption with whatever meme was hot in the streets these days. In the meantime, I think it’s time for Robert Holden to either fire back with a meme of his own or quietly back away from this race like this.

*This gif was not intended to offend anyone and was not paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley