Lingerie Football League Coach Decides To Rip His Girls A New Everything During Halftime Speech...While Up 20-6

Man oh man did I miss the LFL. Not only the women on the field who are superior athletes and are by no means being objectified to the masses, but the coaches who live and die by their play. There’s nothing like a grown man having an absolute conniption on mostly naked girls in the woman’s bathroom like our favorite head coach/batshit Sean Michaelson. Anyone who gets that fired up over chippy’s running around almost in the nude is a man you don’t want to trifle with. This is the type of guy who goes APE on a 15-year-old umpire who makes a questionable call during his son’s Little League game. A man who just simply can’t turn off the Glory Days and relax. And the fact his Seattle Mist ladies were winning 20-6 at halftime during this explosion only adds more myth to his legend. They could’ve been up 200-6 and Michaelson would’ve still been close to sacrificing a virgin to the Lingerie Football Gods.

LFL Football coaches are a different breed of insanity. If you’re popping blood vessels over extreme Powderpuff Football in bikinis, you’re gonna see red more often than not. Yet somehow that wonderful display of batshit wasn’t even the craziest halftime explosion from the LFL. Again, don’t be around when Mount Michaelson erupts. I’d rather be know as stupid or retarded than dead.