Mini McAdoo Was Stylin' And Profilin' At Giants Practice Today

God I love that coach. And that kid. And that kid’s family that told him if he followed his dreams, he could be anything in the world. A doctor, an astronaut, or even Ben motherfucking McAdoo. I blogged about this kid last season when he showed up to the meaningless Redskins game on New Year’s Day that the Giants won just for shits and giggles (and to eliminate the Skins/Josh Norman from the playoffs). I said the Giants should make sure that he is at the playoff game in Lambeau, which he wasn’t. Did the Giants lose because of that? Who am I to say. But I heard how a couple of Giants going to Miami was the reason they lost from a bunch of idiots in the media. So a kid NOT going to the game could have been the reason as well. You really can’t discount the amount of good juju that a kid dressing up like Ben McAdoo with a play chart full of Post Its and a “We Gotta Get Greater At Gettin’ Great” slogan straight from Ben McAdoo’s beautiful mind can bring to a team. Especially since this kid upgraded to the Wall Street McAdoo slicked back hair look. I don’t know if this kid’s schedule will allow him to attend any games this season. But him coming during to the Positive Vibes Only training camp full of dance parties and injuries that weren’t as bad as they looked sure as shit can’t be bad for the GMen.

And my favorite part about Lil’ Mac? He lives near Philly.

Damn, the Eagles really can’t catch a break. Even the best fans in the area root for Big Blue. Stinks to stink I guess.

And now your moment of Ben.