All-Time Idiotic Gem Buys 32 Lotto Tickets With The Same Exact Number Combo, So OF COURSE He Hits Big

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Aug. 27 (UPI) — A Virginia man won $160,000 in a lottery drawing with a $5,000 top prize by purchasing 32 tickets with the same number combination. Wayne Roles of Spotsylvania told Virginia Lottery officials he had a simple reason for dropping $32 to purchase 32 Pick 4 drawing tickets with the same four-digit combination: “When I win I want to win big.” Roles said he bought his tickets at two Fredericksburg stores, Courthouse Gulf and Fas Mart. The small business owner said he checked his numbers when he got up in the middle of the night for a glass of water Aug. 11 and was unable to get back to sleep after discovering he had won 32 $5,000 top prizes for a total $160,000. Roles said he will put his winnings toward supporting his business.

Let me preface this by saying Wayne Roles seems like a nice, hardworking gentleman. A pure American who has his heart and values in the right place. That being said, FUCK Wayne Roles. Fuck him with a wheelbarrow’s full of dead Virginia dicks. In what universe is this behavior rewarded? Karma gonna Karma. Sure, it’s only $32, but this kind of stupidity should not be repeated for the sake of humanity. “When I win I want to win big.” OK? I’m not even exactly sure what that means. It was 10,000-1 odds, man. 10,000-1!!! He could’ve spread it around and gave himself 32 separate chances to win $5000 or play other games for legit millions, but when you win you want to win big, baby. Mid-5 figures goes far in those Virginia parts. Also, good for him to put the money directly back into his self-employment, even if his mathematical illiteracy proves he should desperately have someone else examining his business model. And possibly life.

Whatever. Good for Wayne. Now let us world class morons who casually donate our money to the government lose in peace. Or as close to peace as one can get.

Bonus classic Simpsons clip. Same sentiment. Same results. Well, at least for us little people/literates.