The Cajun Navy is Politely Asking You Not Shoot Them While They Rescue Flood Victims

Cajun Navy2

SourceNews spread Monday about an apparent incident between members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy and several looters. One of the group members, in a since-deleted Facebook post, said that looters decided to pose as people needing help and attempted to overtake the group’s boats. The group said shots were fired at the boats during the incident, but no one was injured.

The group believes the looters may have not wanted it to perform rescues or were just looking to rob people. One group member said some looters are pretending to need rescuing and then robbing people and other looters are pretending to be rescuers and then robbing people.

There’s an old expression that says a crisis doesn’t doesn’t build character as much as it reveals it. Or maybe that’s football. Possibly golf. I forget. But the point is that nothing shows the true essence of the human condition quite a major natural catastrophe.

Some people see a major hurricane as a opportunity to help. Some see it as a chance to make a quick buck. There’s almost no in-between. You’re either putting aside your 12-pack of Dixie, kissing your dog and your wife goodbye in the Dreamcatcher-filled double wide to hop in the bass boat and start rescuing people, or your charging a hundred bucks for a case of water and $10 per gallon for gas. You’re either pulling strangers out of harm’s way, or you are the harm’s way, trying to victimize the rescuers and the rescued alike. And that, in a nutshell, is the human condition. It’s why so much great fiction about survival situations plays out exactly this way. From Lord of the Flies to Mad Max to the first few seasons of The Walking Dead before it turned to shit.

We can all just be glad these looters fucked with the wrong people. These guys aren’t tough. They’re Cajun Tough. It’s a whole other level altogether. These bayou folk grew up dodging gators, snakes, wild boars, insects and every horror you can imagine. They’ll eat things that’ll make a billy goat puke. So getting shot at by flood pirates is a day off for them. And let’s also be glad these bandits are lousy shots. The Cajun Navy is everything that’s right, not just about America, but about humanity. And I don’t think requesting they not get shot for helping out is too big an ask. Who dat, Cajun Navy?